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A.    highest router ID first, then highest priorityB.    highest MAC address first, then highest priorityC.    highest router ID first, then highest MAC addressD.    highest priority first, then highest router IDE.    highest priority first, then highest MAC addressAnswer: E QUESTION 62Refer to the exhibit. If the SP network is configuring RTBH filtering to protect hosts on the network, which router should be configured as the black hole activating router?   A.    FB.    CC.    DD.    LE.    AF.    K Answer: D QUESTION 63An engineer wants to configure Fast Reroute in the network. Which methodology eliminates RSVP configuration in the network? A.    Enable LDP Fast Synch.B.    Enable IP Fast Reroute.C.    Enable the autotunnel primary feature.D.    Enable Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute.E.    Enable the autotunnel backup feature. Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 64The show ip ospf database external command displays information about which OSPF LSA type? A.    LSA type 1B.    LSA type 2C.    LSA type 7D.    LSA type 3E.    LSA type 9F.    LSA type 5 Answer: F QUESTION 65Which three statements about the secure domain router are true? (Choose three.) A.    The logical router can span across chassis.B.    The fabric and system controller module are shared by all logical routers.C.    Each logical router has a distinct fabric and system controller moduleD.    The logical router can share a route processorE.    The logical router cannot share a route processor. Answer: ABE QUESTION 66An engineer is implementing an MPLS within the core of the Service Provider network. What two components are required to build the control and data plane for MPLS Label Switched Paths? (Choose two.) A.    FIBB.    CEFC.    LDPD.    LFIBE.    OSPF Answer: CE QUESTION 67Which three protocols use TLVs to carry attributes? (Choose three.) A.    Cisco Discovery ProtocolB.    Label Discovery ProtocolC.    Border Gateway ProtocolD.    OSPFE.    RIP version 2 Answer: ABC QUESTION 68Refer to the exhibit. An ISP engineer has been asked to identity a method to protect the PE and to control the number of BGP prefixes learned from his customers. The BGP session should be dropped if the PE router receives more than 1000 BGP prefixes. A syslog message should be generated when the number of BGP prefixes learned from CE exceeds 850.   Which Cisco IOS command should the engineer apply on PE routers? A.    neighbor maximum-prefix 1000 85B.    neighbor maximum-prefix 1000 850C.    neighbor maximum-prefix 1000 85 warning-onlyD.    neighbor maximum-prefix 1000 850 warning-only Answer: A QUESTION 69Which methods would enable traffic to be forwarded along an MPLS TE tunnel (Choose 4.) A.    MP-BGP routingB.    Static routingC.    Policy routingD.    AutorouteE.    Forwarding adjacency Answer: BCDE QUESTION 70In the diagram, R1 is the head-end of a TE tunnel that terminates on R5. The red line indicates the protected link, and the gold line indicates the backup tunnel. Which router is the Point of Local Repair?   A.    R2B.    R5C.    R3D.    R1E.    R4 Answer: A QUESTION 71In which way does the DS-Lite IPv6 transitioning mechanism differ from IPv6 Dual-Stack? A.    DS-Lite is a combination of tunnel and translation technologies.B.    DS-Lite is a transition technology that gives full IPv6 connectivity for IPv6 capable hosts that are on the IPv4 Internet but have no native connection to an IPv6 network.C.    DS-Lite is an automatic tunnel where the tunnel destination is determined by the IPv4 address extracted from the IPv6 address that starts with the prefix 2002::/16.D.    DS-Lite is a stateless tunneling mechanism with a lightweight and secure manner without requiring upgrades to existing IPv4 access network infrastructure. Answer: AExplanation:   QUESTION 72Refer to the exhibit. Customer XYZ Site 1 is not learning prefixes from Site 2. What is the issue?   A.    MPLS LSP is broken along the path.B.    The route-policy is not implemented in router PE-2.C.    The BGP local-as command should be used between PE-1 and CE-1.D.    The route-distinguisher values must match in both sites.E.    The BGP as-override command should be implemented between between PE-1 and CE-1. Answer: E QUESTION 73Which two models are the models of DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering? (Choose two) A.    Policy-based ModelB.    Class based ModelC.    Russian Doll ModelD.    Global Tunnel ModelE.    Maximum Allocation Model Answer: CE QUESTION 74What is one of the primary overhead fields associated with the Optical Payload Unit (OPU)? A.    path monitoringB.    tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT)C.    Payload Structure Identifier (PSI)D.    multiframe alignment signal (MFAS)E.    section monitoring Answer: C QUESTION 75Process-level redundancy is implemented by a system manager process that creates the standby process. What two functions are provided by the system-level process called Qnet Symlink Manager (QSM)? (Choose two.) A.    backing up the information for the broken connectionsB.    provides common information for connecting processes and servicesC.    detection of a failed connectionD.    provides an abstract name for a process or serviceE.    distribution of symbolic link information Answer: DE QUESTION 76IP over DWDM management models (Choose two.) A.    Segmented ManagementB.    Integrated ManagementC.    Virtual TransponderD.    Traffic Management Answer: AB QUESTION 77A Service Provider wants to extend MPLS WAN endpoints in the cloud at the edge of a customer network within the cloud. Which platform will meet this requirement? A.    Cisco NX-OSB.    Cisco CSR1000vC.    Cisco ISR Routers running IOSD.    Cisco CRS-1E.    Cisco ASR Routers running IOS-XR Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 78Which MPLS technology will achieve LAN extensions over the service provider backbone? A.    AToMB.    VPLSC.    L2VPND.    L2TPv3 Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 79All secure domain routers (SDRs) have shared attribute and resources. Which three resources are shared all SDRs? (Choose three.) A.    privilege-level configurationB.    fabric cardsC.    SNMP trapsD.    admin-level configurationE.    exec-level configuration Answer: BCD QUESTION 80Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements describe r RIB-Failure in the show ip bgp command output? (Choose three.)   A.    It is a redundancy route.B.    It is a route with a better administrative distance already present in IGP.C.    The number of routes in VRF exceeds the route limit that is configured under the VRF instance.D.    It is a rerouting entryE.    It indicates memory failure Answer: BCE At Lead2pass we verify that 100% of the 400-201 exam questions in exam test prep package are real questions from a recent version of the 400-201 test you are about to take. 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