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Which of the following characteristics differentiate a rainbow table attack from a brute force attack? (Select TWO).

A.    Rainbow table attacks greatly reduce compute cycles at attack time.
B.    Rainbow tables must include precompiled hashes.
C.    Rainbow table attacks do not require access to hashed passwords.
D.    Rainbow table attacks must be performed on the network.
E.    Rainbow table attacks bypass maximum failed login restrictions. Continue reading “[April 2018] Latest Lead2pass SY0-501 Exam Free SY0-501 Dumps Download 250q”

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The security administrator needs to manage traffic on a layer 3 device to support FTP from a new remote site. Which of the following would need to be implemented?

A.    Implicit deny
B.    VLAN management
C.    Port security
D.    Access control lists Continue reading “[April 2018] Download Free CompTIA SY0-401 Exam Questions And Answers From Lead2pass 1868q”

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Which of the following is a definition of an RFP?

A.    A document sent to potential vendors to solicit a bid for a project
B.    A document sent to potential vendors to request information for skills and experience for a project
C.    A document sent to potential vendors to request a commitment for a project
D.    A document sent to potential vendors to solicit information that excludes pricing information for a project Continue reading “[April 2018] Free Sharing Of Updated PK0-004 VCE And PDF Dumps From Lead2pass 115q”

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A technician wants to separate networks on a switch. Which of the following should be configured to allow this?

A.    VLAN
B.    Trunking
C.    Spanning tree
D.    Traffic filtering

Answer: A
A VLAN is a group of end stations in a switched network that is logically segmented by function, project team, or application, without regard to the physical locations of the users. VLANs have the same attributes as physical LANs, but you can group end stations even if they are not physically located on the same LAN segment.

A user does not have network connectivity. While testing the cable the technician receives the below reading on the cable tester:


Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A.    Cable is a crossover, continue troubleshooting
B.    Pin 3 is not used for data, continue troubleshooting
C.    Pin 3 is not used for data, replace the NIC
D.    Redo the cable’s connectors

Answer: D

A technician needs multiple networks, high speeds, and redundancy on a system. Which of the following configurations should be considered for these requirements? (Select TWO).

A.    Routing table
B.    Next hop
C.    Port mirroring
D.    Port monitoring
E.    VLANs

Answer: CE
Port mirroring is used on a network switch to send a copy of network packets seen on one switch port (or an entire VLAN) to a network monitoring connection on another switch port. This is commonly used for network appliances that require monitoring of network traffic, such as an intrusion detection system, passive probe or real user monitoring (RUM) technology that is used to support application performance management (APM).
In computer networking, a single layer-2 network may be partitioned to create multiple distinct
broadcast domains, which are mutually isolated so that packets can only pass between them via one or more routers; such a domain is referred to as a Virtual Local Area Network, Virtual LAN or VLAN.

A technician decides to upgrade a router before leaving for vacation. While away, users begin to report slow performance. Which of the following practices allows other technicians to quickly return the network to normal speeds?

A.    Change management
B.    Baselines
C.    Asset management
D.    Cable management

Answer: A
As soon as technician found a problem he generates a change management request to make changes to fast up the speed of router.

Which of the following would a network administrator recommend to satisfy fault tolerance needs within the datacenter?

A.    Multimode fiber
B.    Setting up a new hot site
C.    Central KVM system
D.    Central UPS system

Answer: D
For unintruppted power supply we need ups as from this no power issue will come and our systems will remain safe.

During a disaster recovery test, several billing representatives need to be temporarily setup to take payments from customers. It has been determined that this will need to occur over a wireless network, with security being enforced where possible. Which of the following configurations should be used in this scenario?

A.    WPA2, SSID enabled, and 802.11n.
B.    WEP, SSID enabled, and 802.11b.
C.    WEP, SSID disabled, and 802.11g.
D.    WPA2, SSID disabled, and 802.11a.

Answer: D
WPA2 is a security technology commonly used on Wi-Fi wireless networks. WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access 2) replaced the original WPA technology on all certified Wi-Fi hardware since 2006 and is based on the IEEE 802.11i technology standard for data encryption.

Which of the following wiring distribution types, often found in company closets, is used to connect wiring from individual offices to the main LAN cabling?

A.    MDF
B.    66 block
C.    IDF
D.    Patch panel

Answer: D
A patch panel, patch bay, patch field or jack field is a number of circuits, usually of the same or similar type, which appear on jacks for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner.

Which of the following network access security methods ensures communication occurs over a secured, encrypted channel, even if the data uses the Internet?

A.    MAC filtering
B.    RAS
D.    L2TP

Answer: C
SSL VPN consists of one or more VPN devices to which the user connects by using his Web browser. The traffic between the Web browser and the SSL VPN device is encrypted with the SSL protocol or its successor, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Which of the following is the difference between 802.11b and 802.11g?

A.    Distance
B.    Frequency
C.    Speed
D.    Transmission power

Answer: C
802.11b has a maximum speed of 11Mbps whereas 802.11g has a speed of 54Mbps.

Users are reporting that some Internet websites are not accessible anymore. Which of the following will allow the network administrator to quickly isolate the remote router that is causing the network communication issue, so that the problem can be reported to the appropriate responsible party?

A.    Ping
B.    Protocol analyzer
C.    Tracert
D.    Dig

Answer: C
Tracet command will tell the administrator which route is not present or which is present so he will come to know whether he has appropriate route or not.

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A company is developing a new web application for its Internet users and is following a secure coding methodology.
Which of the following methods would BEST assist the developers in determining if any unknown vulnerabilities are present?

A.    Conduct web server load tests.
B.    Conduct static code analysis.
C.    Conduct fuzzing attacks.
D.    Conduct SQL injection and XSS attacks. Continue reading “[April 2018] Lead2pass CAS-002 Exam Questions Free Download 900q”

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Engineers are preparing to move guests to new compute and storage infrastructure. Basic network and SAN connectivity have been established. Which of the following options are valid NEXT steps to prepare for guest migration to the new infrastructure? (Select two.)

A.    Tag the live migration VLAN on the trunk to the new servers
B.    Correctly size and provision NFS LUNs on the new storage
C.    Zone HBAs
D.    Prep mirror VMs on new hosts for data migration
E.    Tag the SAN trunks with the correct guest network VLANs

Answer: AD

An administrator is implementing a private cloud that will be used as a test environment. To limit the number of guests per subnet to a maximum of 14, the administrator implemented a /20 network. Which of the following should the administrator use to assign the networks?

A.    DHCP
B.    Subnet
C.    VLAN
D.    Gateway

Answer: A

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has summoned an administrator due to the datacenter power bill being significantly higher than normal. The administrator explains that a new array was installed for a 20TB CRM application. Which of the following solutions would provide a new performance benefit and also reduce power consumption?

A.    SSD
B.    SAS
C.    SATA
D.    FC

Answer: A

Cloud bursting can alleviate which of the following attacks?

A.    Buffer Overflow
B.    Brute Force
C.    XSS
D.    DDOS

Answer: D

An administrator is testing a new web server from outside of the corporate firewall. The administrator performs a test from a single PC and the web server responds accordingly. The administrator then provisions several virtual machines on a network behind NAT and uses them to perform the same operation on the web server at the same time, but thereafter soon discovers that none of the machines can reach the web server. Which of the following could be responsible?

A.    IPS
B.    Blacklisting
C.    IDS
D.    Whitelisting
E.    Firewall

Answer: E

Which of the following would a company implement to provide authentication to multiple websites that are delivered through PaaS?

A.    Federation services
B.    MAC
C.    Multi-factor authentication
D.    RBAC

Answer: D

An administrator is responsible for managing a host that is part of a private cloud. The host has one physical quad core CPU. The administrator is tasked with creating a new guest that requires a single CPU. Which of the following actions should the administrator do?

A.    Assign 1 virtual CPU to the Guest
B.    Assign 1 virtual CPU to the Host
C.    Assign 1 physical CPU to the Guest
D.    Assign 1 physical CPU to the Host

Answer: A

Which of the following storage technologies is IP-based?

A.    SCSI
B.    DAS
C.    FCP
D.    NAS

Answer: D

An administrator has created a new virtual server according to specifications and verified that TCP/IP settings are correct. When the VM is powered on, however, an error message indicates that a network card MAC address conflict exists. Which of the following would resolve this issue?

A.    Remove the virtual NIC and configure another one.
B.    Add an additional NIC with a loopback interface.
C.    Ping the IP address to determine the location of the conflict.
D.    Change the MAC to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff and obtain a new address.

Answer: A

An administrator is no longer receiving alerting messages from the web server platform that recently failed over to a new secondary datacenter due to a power failure. Which of the following is the cause of the problem?

A.    Port 21 in only allowed inbound at the primary datacenter
B.    Port 22 to the log server is blocked outbound
C.    Port 162 in DMZ is blocked inbound
D.    Port 162 in DMZ is blocked outbound

Answer: C

An organization wants to create a server VM that is segregated from the rest of the servers. Which of the following should the server administrator configure?

A.    Virtual NIC
B.    Trunk port
C.    Virtual memory
D.    VPN connection

Answer: A

Which of the following ensures that there is enough space for vendors to install their programs and run the software they will be managing for various SaaS products?

A.    Network isolation
B.    Laws and regulations
C.    Multi-tenancy
D.    Data segregation

Answer: C

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Which of the following features allows for easier navigation of long lists on a tablet device?

A.    Pinch-zoom
B.    Multitouch
C.    Scrollbars
D.    Touch flow

Answer: D

Which of the following file system types is used primarily for optical media?

A.    FAT32
B.    NTFS
C.    HPFS
D.    CDFS

Answer: D

When moving files from a Microsoft gaming console, which of the following command line utilities is recommended to transfer files?

A.    IMAP

Answer: B

Which of the following should a technician implement to prevent external contractors from physically plugging devices into the company’s network jacks unless such jacks are designated for guest use?

A.    Disable DHCP and assign a static IP address to each network device physically connected to the network.
B.    Enable MAC address filtering across all network jacks and record the MAC address of guest devices.
C.    Disable all switch ports when they are not utilized and enable them on an as needed basis.
D.    Place guest network jacks in public areas and all other jacks in secure areas as needed.

Answer: C
The best way is to disable all switch ports when they are not utilized. Switch them on when you need them. This way, you can prevent external contractors from physically plugging devices in to company’s network jacks.

After installing a new printer the organization determines that there are problems printing images and very large files. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?

A.    Update the drivers using WHQL drivers
B.    Install additional memory to each computer
C.    Install additional memory to the printer
D.    Apply the latest OS service pack

Answer: C

Which of the following command line tools will terminate a non-system process without restarting the computer?

A.    Shutdown
B.    Kill
C.    Erase
D.    Break

Answer: B

After accidentally removing a hard drive from a server with three drives in a RAID 5 configuration, a technician notices the server locks up and shuts down. Which of the following can the technician do to quickly fix the problem?

A.    Replace the RAID controller and boot.
B.    Reinsert the drive and boot.
C.    Plug the drive back in, the system will resume automatically.
D.    Remove all drives and rebuild the array.

Answer: B
Just reinsert the drive and boot the computer. The computer will start since it is a RAID 5 configuration.

A customer calls an IT consultant to explain an issue they are having with their Windows 7 Professional PC. Windows Update attempts to install patches upon each startup but fails on the same single update. The customer has attempted to re-run Windows Update from Control Panel but the issue remains. Which of the following courses of action would BEST resolve the problem?

A.    Running a full DEFRAG on the system
B.    Clearing the AppData temp folder entirely
C.    Clearing the Windows Update download cache entirely
D.    Uninstalling the Windows Update feature in Windows 7 and reinstalling it directly from the Microsoft website

Answer: C

A user reports that their wireless connectivity is being spotty. The issue seems to interrupt their wireless signal connection when the laptop screen is tilted forward or backward during operation. When this happens, the entire wireless signal drops out until the screen is left in position for a
good minute or so. Which of the following MOST likely explains what is happening?

A.    The hinges on the laptop screen are not strong enough to support the wireless signal cables.
B.    The wireless card is losing contact to its socket when the screen is opening/closing.
C.    The laptop is designed to work optimally with wireless when the screen is at a perfect 90 degree angle.
D.    The wireless signal cables are being crimped when the screen is opening/closing.

Answer: D

A user states that they cannot connect to the network or the Internet. The technician determines the issue is that the computer has a static IP address and needs to use DHCP to work correctly. The technician sets the NIC to automatically assign an IP address. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT?

A.    Identify the type of network card and what Operating System the computer is running
B.    Confirm the computer is back on the network and has Internet connectivity
C.    They need to annotate what the static IP address was and inform the employee’s manager
D.    They need to determine why the NIC was assigned a static IP address

Answer: B

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Which of the following memory types has 184 pins?

A.    DDR3
B.    DDR
D.    DDR2 Continue reading “[April 2018] 2018 Updated Lead2pass CompTIA 220-901 Exam Questions 1346q”

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A penetration tester finds that a company’s login credentials for the email client were client being sent in clear text. Which of the following should be done to provide encrypted logins to the email server?

A.    Enable IPSec and configure SMTP.
B.    Enable SSH and LDAP credentials.
C.    Enable MIME services and POP3.
D.    Enable an SSL certificate for IMAP services.

Continue reading “[2018-3-19] Free Sharing Of Updated SY0-501 VCE And PDF Dumps From Lead2pass (211-220)”

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Which of the following must be intact for evidence to be admissible in court?

A.    Chain of custody
B.    Order of violation
C.    Legal hold
D.    Preservation Continue reading “[2018-3-19] Ensure Pass SY0-501 Exam With Lead2pass New SY0-501 Brain Dumps (201-210)”

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A system administrator wants to provide balance between the security of a wireless network and usability. The administrator is concerned with wireless encryption compatibility of older devices used by some employees. Which of the following would provide strong security and backward compatibility when accessing the wireless network?

A.    Open wireless network and SSL VPN
B.    WPA using a preshared key
C.    WPA2 using a RADIUS back-end for 802.1x authentication
D.    WEP with a 40-bit key

Answer: C

An information security specialist is reviewing the following output from a Linux server.
Based on the above information, which of the following types of malware was installed on the server? / local/

A.    Logic bomb
B.    Trojan
C.    Backdoor
D.    Ransomware
E.    Rootkit

Answer: C

In terms of encrypting data, which of the following is BEST described as a way to safeguard password data by adding random data to it in storage?

A.    Using salt
B.    Using hash algorithms
C.    Implementing elliptical curve
D.    Implementing PKI

Answer: A

A system administrator wants to provide for and enforce wireless access accountability during events where external speakers are invited to make presentations to a mixed audience of employees and non-employees. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

A.    Shared accounts
B.    Preshared passwords
C.    Least privilege
D.    Sponsored guest

Answer: D

Which of the following would MOST likely appear in an uncredentialed vulnerability scan?

A.    Self-signed certificates
B.    Missing patches
C.    Auditing parameters
D.    Inactive local accounts

Answer: D

A security analyst observes the following events in the logs of an employee workstation:
Given the information provided, which of the following MOST likely occurred on the workstation?

A.    Application whitelisting controls blocked an exploit payload from executing.
B.    Antivirus software found and quarantined three malware files.
C.    Automatic updates were initiated but failed because they had not been approved.
D.    The SIEM log agent was not turned properly and reported a false positive.

Answer: A

When identifying a company’s most valuable assets as part of a BIA, which of the following should be the FIRST priority?

A.    Life
B.    Intellectual property
C.    Sensitive data
D.    Public reputation

Answer: A

An organization needs to implement a large PKI. Network engineers are concerned that repeated transmission of the OCSP will impact network performance. Which of the following should the security analyst recommend is lieu of an OCSP?

A.    CSR
B.    CRL
C.    CA
D.    OID

Answer: B

When considering a third-party cloud service provider, which of the following criteria would be the BEST to include in the security assessment process? (Select two.)

A.    Use of performance analytics
B.    Adherence to regulatory compliance
C.    Data retention policies
D.    Size of the corporation
E.    Breadth of applications support

Answer: BC

Which of the following occurs when the security of a web application relies on JavaScript for input validation?

A.    The integrity of the data is at risk.
B.    The security of the application relies on antivirus.
C.    A host-based firewall is required.
D.    The application is vulnerable to race conditions.

Answer: A

An analyst is reviewing a simple program for potential security vulnerabilities before being deployed to a Windows server. Given the following code:
Which of the following vulnerabilities is present?

A.    Bad memory pointer
B.    Buffer overflow
C.    Integer overflow
D.    Backdoor

Answer: B

An organization’s file server has been virtualized to reduce costs. Which of the following types of backups would be MOST appropriate for the particular file server?

A.    Snapshot
B.    Full
C.    Incremental
D.    Differential

Answer: C

A wireless network uses a RADIUS server that is connected to an authenticator, which in turn connects to a supplicant. Which of the following represents the authentication architecture in use?

A.    Open systems authentication
B.    Captive portal
C.    RADIUS federation
D.    802.1x

Answer: D

An employer requires that employees use a key-generating app on their smartphones to log into corporate applications. In terms of authentication of an individual, this type of access policy is BEST defined as:

A.    Something you have.
B.    Something you know.
C.    Something you do.
D.    Something you are.

Answer: A

Adhering to a layered security approach, a controlled access facility employs security guards who verify the authorization of all personnel entering the facility. Which of the following terms BEST describes the security control being employed?

A.    Administrative
B.    Corrective
C.    Deterrent
D.    Compensating

Answer: A

A security analyst is hardening a web server, which should allow a secure certificate-based session using the organization’s PKI infrastructure. The web server should also utilize the latest security techniques and standards. Given this set of requirements, which of the following techniques should the analyst implement to BEST meet these requirements? (Select two.)

A.    Install an X- 509-compliant certificate.
B.    Implement a CRL using an authorized CA.
C.    Enable and configure TLS on the server.
D.    Install a certificate signed by a public CA.
E.    Configure the web server to use a host header.

Answer: AC

A manager wants to distribute a report to several other managers within the company. Some of them reside in remote locations that are not connected to the domain but have a local server. Because there is sensitive data within the report and the size of the report is beyond the limit of the email attachment size, emailing the report is not an option. Which of the following protocols should be implemented to distribute the report securely? (Select three.)

A.    S/MIME
B.    SSH
C.    SNMPv3
D.    FTPS
E.    SRTP

Answer: BDF

An auditor is reviewing the following output from a password-cracking tool:

User:1: Password1
User2: Recovery!
User3: Alaskan10
User4: 4Private
User5: PerForMance2

Which of the following methods did the author MOST likely use?

A.    Hybrid
B.    Dictionary
C.    Brute force
D.    Rainbow table

Answer: A

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