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You quality a lead for a business account.
After several conversations with the business contact you discover that the business used a different vendor.
Which record should you deactivate?

A.    opportunity
B.    lead
C.    contact
D.    account

Answer: A
After you determine whether the prospective customer or an existing customer wants to purchase your product or service, you may close an opportunity. By closing an opportunity, you deactivate it, but you do not delete it. This gives you an option to reopen it later. When you close an opportunity, an opportunity close activity is created. It is represented by the opportunity close entity. You can use this entity to store information about the revenue, why you closed the opportunity, close date, and the competitor. It also contains the information about the user that created the opportunity.

You need to identify which type of object can be associated to sales territories.
Which type of object should you identify?

A.    Opportunities
B.    Users
C.    Leads
D.    Facilities
E.    Teams

Answer: B
To assign members to a sales territory, open the territory, and then in the left pane, under Common, choose Members.
On the Users tab, in the Records group, choose Add Members.
In the Look Up Records dialog box, select a user, and then choose Add.

You create an Advanced Find that displays all of the open opportunities containing a specific line item.
You need to edit some of the records returned from the Advanced Find by using immersive Excel.
What should you do first?

A.    Click Export to Excel
B.    Click Download Fetch XML
C.    Save the Advanced Find as a view.
D.    Create a Microsoft Excel template.

Answer: C
With immersive Excel you bring in Excel capabilities into CRM: Users can do all the major features expected on excel (e.g.: filters, pivot tables, charts, etc.), as they did before on real-time data, but now without leaving CRM web interface and having to export views as excel files.
Always start Immersive Excel from a full CRM view: If Advanced Find is used to get the date to bulk update, save as a view first.

Your company uses seminars and trade shows as its two primary methods to generate leads. You want to analyze which method generates the most leads.
You generate a report that displays the number leads generated from trade shows and the number of leads generated from seminars.
Which report should you use?

A.    Sales Pipeline
B.    Neglected Leads
C.    Lead Source Effectiveness
D.    Sales History

Answer: C
Lead Source Effectiveness report
Find out which type of lead is most beneficial in helping you grow your business.
This report helps you compare how effective your lead sources are at generating quality opportunities.
The report lists the percentage of qualified leads, and leads that generate revenue for each lead category.

You create a new mailbox record for a user.
You define the synchronization methods for incoming and outgoing email, contacts, tasks, and appointments.
You need to ensure that the mailbox can send and receive email.
Which two actions should you perform? Each answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Set the Is forward Mailbox setting to No.
B.    Configure the Approve Email setting.
C.    Configure the Test & Enable Mailboxes setting.
D.     Configure the Apply Default Email Settings setting.
E.     Set the Is Forward Mailbox setting to Yes.

Answer: AC
C: You only need to test and enable a mailbox if you’re using server-side synchronization as your synchronization method. You don’t need to test and enable a mailbox if you’re using CRM for Outlook or the Email Router for synchronization purposes.
Every user in CRM gets a CRM mailbox by default. After your mailbox is set up, to synchronize it with an email server (Exchange or POP3) using server-side synchronization, you have to click the Test & Enable Mailbox button to make sure the mailbox is linked and configured correctly.

A: You can use mailbox monitoring to poll one or more mailboxes for incoming email messages, and then determine what actions Microsoft Dynamics CRM will take based on the email message, such as create or update records in the system. You can configure server-side synchronization or the Email Router to monitor either of the following:
A forward mailbox. This is a single, central mailbox.
The mailbox for each user or queue.

If you administer an organization that has to monitor a large number of mailboxes, you should consider using a forward mailbox to reduce the administrative effort. Monitoring many mailboxes can sometimes require maintaining access credentials in many incoming configuration profiles.

Your company plans to deploy Dynamics CRM.
In the previous sales database, you did not track products
Members of the management team are evaluating whether to use the product catalog in the CRM organization.
You need to identify which enhancements to the sales flow can be achieved by using the product catalog.
What are two possible enhancements that you can identity? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    inventory management integration
B.    automated sales pipeline velocity tracking
C.    automated revenue calculation
D.    automated quotes, orders, and invoicing

Answer: AD
A product catalog is a collection of products with their pricing information. The product catalog entities let you create a rich product classification system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides support for:
(A) Defining hierarchical structure of product families and products with configurable properties
(attributes) that help you reduce the number of product stock keeping units (SKUs) needed to
maintain your product catalog.
(D) Specify whether you want the price level (price list) to be automatically set for an
opportunity, quote, order, or invoice based on the sales territory relationship of the user. Etc.
Selling individual products or grouping them into bundles and kits. A bundle or a kit is a
collection of products that is sold as single unit. Product bundling is useful in grouping products in
a way that customers get more benefit from the full line of products or to offer discounts on
bundled products.
Defining multiple pricing and discounting models. You can also use custom pricing instead of
the CRM system pricing to calculate prices when you associate a product or bundle to an
opportunity, quote, order, or invoice. Further, you can select whether to apply discounts for
products at the per-unit or line level.
Defining related products in the system (substitute, cross-sell, up-sell, or accessory). The
related products for a product are displayed as suggestions to the sales agents when they add
the product to an opportunity, quote, order, or invoice.
Specifying localized values for certain product properties (attributes) to make the product names
and descriptions available in the user-preferred languages.

You have an opportunity record.
When you attempt to increase the Estimate Revenue field, you discover that the field is locked.
You need to identify a possible cause of the issue.
What should you identify?

A.    The products in the opportunity are write-in products.
B.    The estimated revenue exceeds the budget amount.
C.    The opportunity contains conflicting currencies.
D.    The method of revenue is system-generated.

Answer: A
The Estimated Revenue field could be locked if the Opportunity record is set to calculate this based on products added to the Opportunity.
Written in product means that you actually want to add to your opportunity/Quote/SalesOrder product which doesn’t belong to any of pricelists.

You are reviewing the sales pipeline of your Dynamics CRM organization.
You need to identify which type of data is contained in the sales pipeline.
What should you identify?

A.    the combined estimated revenue of all active quotes
B.    the combined estimated revenue of all open leads
C.    the combined estimated revenue of all open opportunities
D.     the combined estimated revenue of all open orders

Answer: C
Estimated Revenue: This field feeds the sales pipeline. Once an opportunity is won or lost, users can enter Actual Revenue.
Probability: If required by your organization, you can enter any number between 0 and 100. Many organizations choose to customize Probability by creating a dropdown; thereby limiting the amount of entries.

You have a Dynamics CHM organization that uses folder tracking.
You have a folder named Customers that is currently being tracked-Customers contains a folder for The main contact named Contact1.
A new email message from Contact1 is delivered to your Inbox.
You need to identity what will occur when you move the message to the Customer1 folder.
What should you identify?

A.    An email activity will be created in CRM that has a connection to Customer1 and to Contact1
B.    An email act.v.Ty will be created in CRM that has a connection to Contact1 only.
C.    An email activity will be created m CRM that has a connection To Customer1 only.
D.     An email activity will be created in CRM that has the Set regarding field set to Contact1
E.     An email activity will be created in CRM rhat has the Set regarding field Set to Customer1

Answer: D
Any manual changes done to the regarding object in the tracked activity records in CRM will be overridden the next time server-side synchronization kicks in. For example, if you have set up a mapping between the Adventure Works folder and the Adventure Works account, all the emails in the Adventure Works Exchange folder will be tracked as activities in CRM with the regarding set to the Adventure Works account record. If you change the regarding to some other record, it will automatically be overridden the next time server-side synchronization occurs. To change the regarding for any email, move the email to a different folder such as the Inbox.

You need to create a goal that will show the previous seven days of activity.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    close the goal after seven days.
B.    Add a filter
C.    Set the Goal period as a Custom Period.
D.    Add a rollup field.
E.    Add a rollup query.

Answer: CD
A Rollup Field has the following functions:
The record on which goal is based.
The attribute in the record which contributes towards the target set in the goal
The date type attribute which is compared against the timelines of the goal to decide if a record contributes towards this goal or not.
The value of state/status that the record should have in order to be able to contribute towards a goal.

You Open the My Open Opportunities view,
You need to export the data in the view, and then to reimport the data so that the existing records are updated.
What should you do?

A.    Export the data as a dynamic Pivot Fable.
B.    Export the data as a Static worksheet.
C.    Export the data and select the Make available for re-import option.
D.    Export the data as a dynamic worksheet

Answer: B

Your product line is expanding rapidly and you sale representatives often are unfamiliar with the full of list of applicable products for a customer.
As such, your sales team often misses chance to upsell and sell related accessories.
You identify what you can add to the product catalog to support upselling and cross-selling.
What should you identify?

A.    a product discount list
B.    a product kit
C.    a product bundle
D.    a product family
E.    a unit group

Answer: C
When you’re ready to sell a product or bundle, publish it to make it available to the sales agents so they can build orders or create opportunities orders for customers.
Note: Cross-sell and Up-sell Product Suggestions Based on Product Relationships
Product suggestions are available for any product line items where product relationships have been defined.
Click on the “Suggestions” hyperlink to pick products suggested for up-sell, cross-sell, and substitutions or as accessories.
The items picked are added as new product line items.

You have an existing customer named customer1.
You have a new add-on product for an existing product that you sell.
You want to offer the add-on product to a customer who has purchased the existing product already.
You need to track the sales initiative in Dynamics CRM.
What should you do?

A.    Update the original opportunity record.
B.    Create a new opportunity record for the new offering.
C.    Create a sub-account for the new offering.
D.    Reopen the original opportunity record.

Answer: A

Your Dynamics CRM organization uses Microsoft Yammer.
You plan in enable integration with Yammer to replace the default CRM activity feeds.
You need to identify which security rights are required to enable the integration.
Which two security rights should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Dynamics CRM administrator
B.    Dynamics CRM System Customizer
C.    Yammer administrator
D.    Microsoft SharePoint administrator
E.    Microsoft Office 365 administrator

Answer: AC
Yammer Prerequisites
(A) Make sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
(C) You’ll also need to have verified system administrator privileges for your organization’s Yammer account, plus both the Write Organization and Configure Yammer privileges. If you’re not an administrator, by default these privileges aren’t available, and must be added.
Before your organization can use Yammer in CRM, your organization needs to buy Yammer enterprise licenses.
Install the most recent product updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Meet browser and system requirements.

You need to create a quarterly goal to measure completed phone calls regarding open opportunities.
Which three components should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    a calculated field
B.    a goal metric that has the Amount metric type
C.    a rollup field
D.    a rollup query
E.    a goal metric that has the Count metric type

Answer: ADE

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