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The customer has 4 wireless controllers and 97 wireless access points. What is the minimum amount of licensing that is required on Cisco Prime Infrastructure to support the desired wireless infrastructure? A.    4 Lifecycle licenses and 125 Base licensesB.    100 Lifecycle licenses and 1 Base licenseC.    100 Lifecycle licenses and 4 Base licensesD.    125 Lifecycle licenses and 1 Base licenseAnswer: B QUESTION 402A customer is reviewing Cisco Prime Infrastructure to identify malicious rogue access points that are operating within the customer environment. Which dashboard in Cisco Prime Infrastructure displays this information by default? A.    Context AwareB.    CleanAirC.    SecurityD.    General Answer: C QUESTION 403A customer is using the wireless controller GUI to back up the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller configuration data. The controller is running IOS version 7.6 release. Which three transfer protocols are valid for conducting this transfer from the WLC? (Choose three.) A.    FTPB.    TFTPC.    SFTPD.    HTTPE.    SCPF.    Xmodem Answer: ABC QUESTION 404A customer who recently implemented Mac OS X Yosemite finds that the laptops have been autonegotiating the authentication protocols when performing RADIUS authentication to Cisco Identity Services Engine. What must the administrator do to statically set the correct settings for the Mac clients? A.    Create a new network profile with the desired settings, using either the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility or Profile Manager and upload to all Mac OS X machines.B.    Set the authentication configuration to use the desired settings under the System Preferences > Network > Advanced menu.C.    Delete the SSID and have the users go through the authentication process again, this time selecting the settings during authentication.D.    Select the SSID and change the settings to the desired configuration under Control Panel > Network > Wireless Networks and export to other machines. Answer: A QUESTION 405Refer to the exhibit. During deployment of a WLC on a customer site, the GUI log displayed this error message. What could be causing this error?   A.    An access point has been assigned to an AP group that has reached maximum capacity.B.    An access point has been assigned to an AP group that has been deleted.C.    An access point has been removed from an AP group and assigned to a FlexConnect AP group.D.    An access point has been removed from an AP group and assigned to the default AP group. Answer: B QUESTION 406A customer suspects that a continuous transmitter is causing instability with the wireless clients that are operating on the 2.4-GHz wireless band. The customer is trying to determine which channel is being impacted by this transmitter. Which dashboard on the WLC GUI identifies this information? A.    802.11a/n - Air Quality ReportsB.    Clean Air - Worst Air Quality ReportC.    802.11b/g/n - Interference DevicesD.    Statistics - Mobility Statistics Answer: C QUESTION 407A customer wants to analyze the data rates that are available to a corporate laptop in its wireless deployment. The customer wants a heat map that displays actual data and shows the data rates that are available to the client in different areas of its facility. When using AirMagnet Survey PRO, which type of survey provides the actual data rates? A.    virtualB.    predictiveC.    passiveD.    active Answer: D QUESTION 408On which two OSI layers does the IEEE focus in 802 standardization? (Choose two.) A.    physicalB.    data-linkC.    networkD.    transportE.    sessionF.    presentationG.    application Answer: AB QUESTION 409A customer wants to identify the amount of BSSID traffic that is propagating through its facility from neighboring networks. Which tool can be used to identify BSSID traffic in the facility? A.    Wi-Fi scannerB.    wireless attenuatorC.    RF jammerD.    Cisco Identity Services Engine Answer: A QUESTION 410What is max power for an AP for all regulatory bodies? A.    10B.    8C.    1D.    X Answer: B QUESTION 411How Cisco spectrum analyzer analyse the scanned data? A.    Store scanned data during wifi scan and analyze later. Answer: A QUESTION 412What is the deployment that requires least amount of hardware installed on the site? A.    CloudB.    ConvergedC.    Centralized Answer: A QUESTION 413What command can be used on the WLC to show the logs (or something) for an AP with the name Cisco_AP? A.    show loggingB.    show ap eventlog Cisco_AP Answer: B QUESTION 414What is the command used to debug an AP that is not able to join the WLC? A.    debug capwap events enable (on the WLC)B.    debug capwap events enable (on the AP) Answer: A QUESTION 415What are the channels you need to avoid not to have interference with DFS channels? (Choose 3) A.    52B.    136C.    124D.    161 Answer: BCD QUESTION 416What is required from the deployment when using voice or video applications? (Choose 3) A.    RSSI cell edge of -25B.    RSSI cell edge of -16C.    SNR of 25D.    Cell Overlap of 20%E.     RSSI -67 Answer: CDE QUESTION 417What are the sources of interference you will find when conducting a site survery before deployment? (Choose 3) A.    Bluetooth HeadsetB.    Microwave OvensC.    Analog Wireless CameraD.    AdHoc Wireless CameraE.    AdHoc Hotspot Answer: ABC QUESTION 418What are reqs for VoWLAN? A.    RSSI -67B.    SNR 25C.    20% overlapping cells Answer: C QUESTION 419What is SNR needed for 54 Mbps? A.    SNR 25 Answer: AB QUESTION 420What is max level in Cisco WLC TPC for all regulatory domain? 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