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Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 346An administrator issues the show ip interface s0/0 command and the output displays that interface Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is up.What does "line protocol is up" specifically indicate about the interface? A.    The cable is attached properly.B.    CDP has discovered the connected device.C.    Keepalives are being received on the interface.D.    A carrier detect signal has been received from the connected device.E.    IP is correctly configured on the interface.Answer: C QUESTION 347Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct regarding the configuration shown?   A.    This will not work as the subnet mask on serial interfaces must be /30.B.    What is shown as being configured would be considered a default route.C.    This configuration creates a bidirectional path between RouterA and RouterB.D.    The command ip route s0/0/0 would provide similar routing functionality. Answer: D QUESTION 348How can an administrator determine if a router has been configured when it is first powered up? A.    A configured router prompts for a password.B.    A configured router goes to the privileged mode prompt.C.    An unconfigured router goes into the setup dialog.D.    An unconfigured router goes to the enable mode prompt. Answer: C QUESTION 349Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct regarding the results shown for the show interface s0/0/0 command?   A.    The subnet mask for this interface is    The subnet mask for this interface is    The IP address that is configured on s0/0/0 is a public address.D.    This interface can be enabled by issuing a no shutdown command.E.    The default encapsulation protocol for a Cisco serial interface is PPP. Answer: D QUESTION 350Which of the following commands enables a network administrator to verify the application layer connectivity between source and destination? A.    pingB.    telnetC.    tracerouteD.    verifyE.    trace Answer: B QUESTION 351An administrator previously changed the encapsulation on a synchronous serial line and saved the configuration. Now the administrator wants to restore the encapsulation back to the default. What action can the administrator do to return the interface back to its default encapsulation? A.    Change the encapsulation to ARPA.B.    Configure the interface for HDLC encapsulation.C.    Reboot the router and allow it to reload the configuration.D.    Issue the shutdown then no shutdown commands to reset the encapsulation on the interface.E.    Remove the cable and plug it back in to allow the router to autonegotiate encapsulation settings. Answer: B QUESTION 352WAN data link encapsulation types include which of the following? (Choose two.) A.    T1B.    Frame RelayC.    DSLD.    PPPE.    ISDN Answer: BD QUESTION 353Regarding the extended ping command, which of the statements below are true? (Choose three) A.    The extended ping command is supported from user EXEC mode.B.    The extended ping command is available from privileged EXEC mode.C.    With the extended ping command you can specify the TCP and UDP port to be pinged.D.    With the extended ping command you can specify the timeout value.E.    With the extended ping command you can specify the datagram size. Answer: BDE QUESTION 354Which sequence of actions will allow telneting from a user's PC to a router using TCP/IP? A.    Connect the PC's COM port to the router's console port using a straight-through cable.B.    Connect the PC's COM port to the router's console port using a crossover cable.C.    Connect the PC's COM port to the router's Ethernet port using a straight-through cable.D.    Connect the PC's Ethernet port to the router's Ethernet port using a crossover cable.E.    Connect the PC's Ethernet port to the router's Ethernet port using a rollover cable. F.     Connect the PC's Ethernet port to the router's Ethernet port using a straight-through cable. Answer: D  QUESTION 355Which Layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment? (Choose two.) A.    switchB.    routerC.    NICD.    hubE.    repeaterF.    RJ-45 transceiver Answer: DE QUESTION 356When troubleshooting a LAN interface operating in full duplex mode, which error condition can be immediately ruled out? A.    giantsB.    no buffersC.    collisionsD.    ignoredE.    dribble condition Answer: C QUESTION 357When you use the ping command to send ICMP messages across a network, what's the most common request/reply pair you'll see? (Select one answer choice) A.    Echo request and Echo replyB.    ICMP hold and ICMP sendC.    ICMP request and ICMP replyD.    Echo off and Echo on Answer: A QUESTION 358Which of the following statements describe the network shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)   A.    There are two broadcast domains in the network.B.    There are four broadcast domains in the network.C.    There are six broadcast domains in the network.D.    There are four collision domains in the network.E.    There are five collision domains in the network. F.    There are seven collision domains in the network. Answer: A QUESTION 359Which protocol provides best-effort delivery of user data in a network? A.    TCPB.    MACC.    IPD.    ARPE.    SMTP Answer: C QUESTION 360If NVRAM lacks boot system commands, where does the router look for the Cisco IOS by default? A.    ROMB.    RAMC.    FlashD.    bootstrapE.    startup-config Answer: C All the 100-105 exam questions are 100% verified by their experts team. So there is no chances of errors. 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